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A virtual law practice?

virtual law massachusetts employment law

As a virtual law practice, Doorways is premised on the ability to bring excellent legal counsel, coaching and advice conveniently and efficiently to Massachusetts employees and employer through technology.

It is not that computer systems will replace all legal work by, say, 2020. Of course not. But around that time and from then on it will become commonplace across the legal profession for all substantial and successful legal businesses to be converting their business processes from human handicrafting to ever more sophisticated and intelligent IT-based production.

A recent global study from Deloitte entitled "Future Trends for Legal Services,” confirms Susskind's suspicions. While 77 percent of those surveyed (primarily in-house legal services purchasers) reported that they did not think technology has replaced in-house lawyers yet, 52 percent said they think it will happen around 2020. Moreover, the study reported that 52 percent of in-house legal departments can imagine a future where they would purchase legal services from nontraditional law firms. They indicated wanting more use of technology; compliance advice; and fixed fees and value pricing.

If the larger companies surveyed want the opportunity for fixed fee pricing and greater use of technology, then individuals and smaller businesses -- ever pressed for time and accustomed to receiving all types of information on a device or through a computer -- can use it too. It's even been working well in a legal aid context.

Susskind writes:

“There is a profound message here for lawyers—when thinking about IT and the Internet, the challenge is not just to automate current working practices that are not efficient. The challenge is to innovate, to practise law in ways that we could not have done in the past.”


If you work in Massachusetts and need efficient and convenient counsel and advice on your work-related legal questions, contact me.

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