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You're leaving the company, have been given a draft severance agreement, and want to have an employment lawyer review it with you.

You've just been fired, have not been paid everything owed to you, and moreover, believe your termination was unfair. 

You're a parent and your employer is complaining about your caregiving responsibilities.

You're on salary but work well over 40 hours per week, and feel like you should be getting overtime.


You've been placed on a Performance Improvement Plan, see the writing on the wall, and wonder if there are steps you should be taking to protect yourself. 

You've been 

You're a small business and have questions about what to do when an employee requests leave.

People I speak with all have something in common:  they have invested a lot in their work, but have reached a block -- a closed door -- or they sense one up ahead.  It could have to do with pay or caregiving responsibilities, discrimination or unfair treatment, bullying, a medical issue or disability, a separation agreement, or any number of employment issues.

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Kate Fitzpatrick is the founder of Doorways Employment Law, LLC. She routinely represents employees in severance agreement matters and in wage, commissions, discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower, sexual harassment, and family/medical leave cases, as well as with noncompetition agreements, unemployment and other matters. She also provides strategic legal counseling to employees during difficult times at work, including as to performance reviews, performance improvement plans, and planning for leave or separation. In addition, she assists employers with employment policies and employee handbooks. 

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