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Can my Massachusetts employer force me to stay later than my scheduled shift? Do they have to pay me

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Assuming this is a private employer, you are at will (without an employment contract and not unionized) and you are not under 18, a couple things form the backdrop to this question:

- The employer has to pay you what the agreement (verbal, written) is between you both to be paid. If you have not specifically negotiated an increase for this additional work -- even if the employer is making/profiting more -- then the employer does not have to pay you anymore than what you agreed to. - The employer, unless you're a minor or have some sort of contract, does not have to give you advance warning of a change in schedule. - If you work more than 40 hours in a week, some employees are entitled to overtime but that depends on exactly what you do and in certain cases how much you make. I have a recent blog post on this separate issue of overtime pay.

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