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I had to quit my job because I was pregnant, my doctor advised me to work reduced hours, and my empl

unemployment pregnant

First, I'm sorry this was your experience. It's worth considering filing a claim for unemployment. You may or may not get denied initially. If you get denied, consider appealing it and going to the hearing if your circumstance permits. To prepare for the unemployment hearing (and the unemployment claims examiner if one contacts you upon filing), sit down and take some notes. Make a careful chronology of what happened and when so you can speak credibly, clearly and confidently about it in a way that presents what happened step by step. When (what day, who was present, where was it) did you first request reduced hours? What was the employer's response? When was the second time (when, where, how)? What was the employer's response? Write it all down.

Did you offer to provide a doctor's note, and the employer said it was not required (when, where, how; who was present)? This is a very important fact. Make sure that is in your notes. If you have the medical note, bring a copy of it to the hearing and raise it and how your employer responded to your showing it to them. Underlying all of this -- and what you need to show, if true, is that you were able and available to work -- that is, the reduced hours that your doctor was advising you of. And again, if true, that your supervisor forced you to quit because he/she was not working with you against medical recommendations.

If your employer made any comments about your being pregnant, make careful notes about those also (who, when, where, how?) and raise those at the hearing as well.

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