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Older women workers need not apply?

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) --the federal agency that enforces the federal anti-discrimination laws -- recently settled an age discrimination and sex discrimination case in Colorado involving the failure to hire older women at a casino.

The EEOC sued casino company RCH Colorado when it found that after buying another casino and taking applications for slot attendants and cocktail servers, the company failed to the hire the oldest female applicants. The EEOC also alleged that casino managers took photos of past employees, which were used later to screen out older, allegedly less attractive employees.

Both state and federal antidiscrimination laws protect against failure to hire on the basis of sex and on the basis of age. Despite the laws being in place now for decades, however, these situations still crop up, including for these women in Colorado.

Contact me if you think you are a victim of age discrimination or sex discrimination and would like advice as to your personal situation.

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