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Workplace Posters Required in Massachusetts

required workplace posters

In the past few weeks, the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) has updated two of its posters.

The first pertains to federal wage and hour requirements regarding the minimum wage, overtime, breaks for nursing mothers, and tipped employees.

The second pertains to Employee Polygraph Protection Act, which bans most private employers from using lie detector tests at either the hiring stage or during the course of employment.

These two posters are not the only required workplace posters, however, under either federal or state law. Some posters required under Massachusetts state law pertain to the state wage and hour laws, parental leave/maternity leave/paternity leave, and earned sick time. Indeed, the state laws around parental leave and earned sick time have recently been passed or amended; thus, it is important to review and update workplace posters from time to time.

Contact me for an employment law consultation if you have questions about workplace poster requirements.

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